Cotton is the most sought after fabric in India. It plays a vital role in the Indian economy and thus, there has been a rise in the list of top cotton exporters. Since ages, India has been the largest producer of cotton yarn across the world. Another feat adding a feather to the cap is that India is also the largest exporter of cotton yarn around the world. The textile industry of India contributes to 5 percent of the country’s G.D.P. The earning of the textile industry is made 50 percent from the sale of cotton products. Cotton has made the textile industry to win the crown of being the second largest employer of the country. Every year, the industry employs millions of people, including unskilled women, to fulfill the demand for cotton products.

Production of Cotton

Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Punjab are deemed to be the significant cotton-producing states of India. Statistics have observed that cotton yarn exports have contributed 23% to the country’s total textile exports. Every year around 28.70 million bales of about 170Kg of cotton are produced.

How do we evaluate the list for Best Cotton Exporters in India?

When we search for top cotton exporters, we rely on various sources to ensure quality, reliability, and adherence to regulations:

  1. Cotton Trade Shows and Expos: We explore new varieties and establish connections with exporters.
  2. Online Cotton Supplier Platforms: We identify reputable exporters, review product offerings, and compare prices.
  3. Industry Publications and Journals: We stay updated on market trends and leading exporters in the cotton industry.
  4. Certification Bodies: We verify compliance with cotton quality standards and export regulations.
  5. Supplier Websites and Social Media: We gather insights into product quality, sourcing practices, and customer feedback.

From the cotton textile exports, India earns around $37 billion per year. Reputed international retailers such as H&M, JC, Tommy Hilfiger, Wal-Mart, Levi Strauss, Mark & Spencer, Nike, and Reebok are said to be buyers of India’s cotton exports. Having talked enough about figures, we would move to the exporters of cotton in India.

Colour textile

List of the top cotton exporters of India.

1. Gill Co Ltd

Gill & Co. is a 125-year-old company that has been India’s leading cotton exporter for ages. The company was founded with the joint effort of a British national Mr. H. Gill and an Indian Mr. Meghji Thobhan. The company takes the credit of introducing long staples of cotton in the overseas market. The government of India has recognized the company as the Star Trading House. Gill & Co is known to export cotton around significant countries of the world.


  • Raw Cotton
  • Yarn
  • Pulses
  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Soybeans
  • Maize
  • Wheat
  • Rice

Location: 334, Lane Number 7, Guru Jhambeshwar Nagar A, Nityanand Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302021

2. Sri Bhagirath Textiles Ltd

 Founded in 1996, Sri Bhagirath Textiles Ltd, over the years, has successfully stabled its identity in the global export market. The ISO certified company during the initial stages produced 12,678 spindles synthetic spins. With time, the company has doubled its capacity for cotton production in India. Every year the company produces around 70,000 bales of cotton. The company works with the vision of providing the most excellent quality of cotton products.


  • Ring Frame Yarns
  • Open End Yarns

Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra 441502

3. Perfect Cotton Company

Established in 1975, Perfect Cotton Company has been accounted as India’s leading cotton exporters. Located in Mumbai, the company is known as the leading seller of cotton. The company is known for producing the supreme quality of cotton. Perfect Cotton supplies cotton tp the significant countries of the world.


  • Yarn
  • Cotton

Location: NO-62-B WING, MITTAL COURT, NARIMAN POINT, OPPOSITE VINDHAN BHAWAN, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400021, India

4. Bdb Exports Pvt Ltd

Bdb Exports Pvt Ltd was founded n 1970 and is known for its excellent quality of harvest and shipments. The company makes use of modern facilities to control the ships and meet customer satisfaction norms. The government of India has recognized the firm as an export house. B.D.B. sells its products in the markets of Bangladesh, China, Japan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The company specializes in the export of Bengal Desi cotton. Apart from the export business, the company also deals in real estate and is into the metal business.


  • Raw Cotton
  • Yarn
  • Rice
  • Agro Products
  • Metals

Location: Unit No 5, 3rd Floor, Sagar Estate, 2, Clive Ghat Street, Clive Ghat Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001

5. Bm Agro Industries Pvt Ltd

Bm Agro Industries Pvt Ltd is a nongovt. A company that was founded in 1992. The company every year generates a capital of Rs 250 lakh. For 28 years, the company has mastered the art of manufacturing cotton and excelling in the export business.


  • Yarn
  • Cotton
  • Textiles


So these were some of the leading names in the cotton export business. Did you find the post useful? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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