India is the leading producer of fabrics and textiles. The increased production of textiles has given rise to the ready garment manufacturing industry. Today there are several top-notch garment exporters in India. The Indian garment industry has shown great success in the production, export, and sale of the readymade garments. India is accounted as the world’s sixth-largest garment exporting country in the world. The readymade garment industry of India is worth over $17 billion. The Indian garment industry employs 12 million people and is the largest employer in the country.

How do we curate the list Best Garment Exporters in India?

When identifying the top garment exporters, we tailor our criteria to ensure a detailed evaluation of their performance and capabilities in the global fashion and apparel market, incorporating factors specific to the garment industry. Here are the key factors we consider:

  • Fashion and Apparel Trade Shows and Expos: Direct access to leading garment exporters and their latest collections, showcasing trends and innovations in the fashion industry.
  • Textile and Apparel Export Councils: Specialized directories and information about top garment exporters, focusing on their global market presence and export capabilities.
  • Sustainability and Ethical Manufacturing Certifications: Evaluation of exporters’ commitments to sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices.
  • Design Innovation and Quality: Insights into exporters’ design capabilities and quality assurance practices, focusing on their ability to offer high-quality, innovative garments that meet international standards and consumer expectations.
Exporters of Garments India

The Indian garment industry alone contributes 40% to the GDP. The Indian textiles and apparel are globally acclaimed for their exceptional craftsmanship and exquisite quality. Cotton, silk garments, and denim produced in India are highly prevalent in the international market. The garment industry contributes 15% to the country’s total export earnings. The primary export destinations of the Indian garment industry in the USA, European Union. Asian countries and the Middle East. The export of garments is expected to touch $82 billion by 2022, providing 12% to the GDP. The Indian garment industry boasts of being home to leading names of the apparel world. Here I a list of the top garment exporters in India.

1. Raymond Ltd

Talking of the Indian garment industry, the first name to pop up is Raymond. The company, with a producing capacity of 38 million meters of wool and wool blended fabrics, is accounted as the top garment manufacturer of India. Raymonds commands 60% of the Indian garment market. The company is known to manufacture around 20,,00 designs of garments befitting for various occasions Raymonds is known to export its products to 55 countries worldwide. The leading export destinations of the country are the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East. Raymonds is ranked amongst the first three fully integrated garment manufacturers and exporters of India.


  • Shirts
  • Jeans
  • Trousers
  • Suits
  • Jackets

Location: D1 &D2 Apparel park, K.I.AD.B. Industrial Area, Doddaballapur, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Textile production

2. Loyal Group

The loyal group is the largest textile and garment group in India. The company is known to produce a wide array of textile and apparel products. The loyal group comprises of three composite mills, one spinning mill, one dye house, and four garment manufacturing units. The company is a trading cum retailing company and is a joint venture trading company in Italy. The loyal group is accounted for as the top garment exporters in India. The government has awarded them for the premium range of their exquisite products. The ISO certified company generates annual revenue of Rs 1,120 crore. The primary export destinations of the company are Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Belgium, China, Cambodia, Colombia, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Dubai, El Salvador, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, Honduras, Indonesia, Italy, Iran, Israel, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Mauritius, Morocco, Madagascar, Portugal, Poland, Philippines, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Srilankan, Tunisia, Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, United Kingdom, and the USA.


  • Yarns
  • Fabrics
  • Garments
  • Home Textiles
  • Organic Products
  • Super Shield Masks
  • Super Shield PPE

Location: Loyal Textile Mills Ltd, New No. 83 (Old no. 41), 1st Main Road, R A Puram, Chennai 600 028. Tamil Nadu, India.

3. Alok Industries

Alok Industries is a vertically integrated textile company that has ventured into the manufacturing of apparel. The company provides end-to-end solutions in five core sectors, including cotton, yarn, apparel fabric, home textiles, garments, and polyester yarn. The company is accounted for as the world’s biggest retailer and as India’s largest manufacturer of apparel and home textiles.


  • Apparels
  • Garments
  • Yarn
  • Polyester
  • Knitting textiles
  • Woven textiles

Location: 17/5/1, 521/1, Village Rakholi/ Saily, Silvassa, The Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli-396 230

4. Mandhana Industries Ltd.

Mandhana is a multi-divisional textile and garment manufacturing firm in India. The company specializes in the production of custom-made apparel. The products of the company are made in their state-of-art manufacturing units. Mandhana, with time, has ventured into designing, yarn dyeing, weaving, processing, printing, and garment manufacturing business. Established in 1985, the company has a production capacity of 8,00,000 metric tons of textiles per month. The company every month produces around 1,30,000 garments. The company has even collaborated with companies like Quiksilver, River Island, Mango, and Inditex, and with brands like Louis Phillipe, Van Heusen, Benneton, Wills Lifestyle to establish their forte in the apparel export industry.


  • Fabrics
  • Textiles
  • Garments
  • Designer Outfits

Location: Plot No C-3 Midc, Tarapur Indl Area Boisar, Thane – India

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1. What are the fibers used in Textile Industry?

Three basic types of fibers used in Textile industries are

• Synthetic fibers
• Natural fibers
• Cotton fibers

2.Which garment is exported from India?

Cotton, silk, and denim from India are highly popular abroad, and with the upsurge in Indian design talent, Indian apparel has found success across fashion centers around the world. India is the world’s second-largest exporter of textiles and apparel with a massive raw material and manufacturing base.

3. What are the crucial factors that determine export pricing?

The factors which influence export pricing in the apparel industry are the cost of production and distribution, international taxes, bilateral agreements, type of garment, nature of demand, ease of availability of fabrics and accessories, design, etc

4. What is the GST rate for clothing in India if you are exporting clothing and apparel?

No, as per the provisions of the GST, the export of any goods or services is non-taxable under the Act.

5. What are your typical payment terms or timelines?

Does your manufacturer or wholesaler want the full payment upfront or in parts? Every shop has a different way of doing business, so find out what your options are before signing onto any type of contract.

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