Honey is a natural sweetener and is prepared by honeybees from the nectar of plants. Since ancient times India has practiced the art of collecting honey why it is the country is also known as the land of honey. Earlier honey was medicinally used to treat a variety of ailments through various ways of application. Upon discovery of the consumable aspect of honey, the demand for it began to increase. The need for honey gave rise to the beekeeping industry. In India, poor farmers practice apiculture to increase their income. The beekeepers sell their honey in the farmers market in bottled jars. The hard work of farmers has resulted in an increase in the number of Honey exporters across India.

How do we curate the list of Best Honey Exporters in India?

When identifying honey exporters, we rely on diverse sources to ensure quality, purity, and compliance:

  1. Honey Trade Shows and Expos: We explore new varieties and establish connections with exporters in the honey industry.
  2. Online Supplier Platforms: We search online platforms to identify reputable honey exporters, examining product offerings and customer reviews.
  3. Industry Publications and Journals: We refer to industry publications and journals to stay informed about leading honey exporters and market trends.
  4. Supplier Websites and Social Media: We gather insights from supplier websites and social media profiles to assess product quality, packaging, and customer feedback.
Honey Bee

Over the years India has mastered the art of beekeeping, and today the country is accounted as one of the largest producers of honey. Statistics state that 50% of the honey produced in India is exported outside. India’s primary international honey market is USA, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh and Canada. India produces some of the sweetest and natural varieties of honey such as:

  • Mustard Honey
  • Eucalyptus Honey
  • Lychee Honey
  • Sunflower Honey
  • Himalayan Honey
  • Acacia Honey
  • Wild Flora Honey
  • Pongamia Honey

 The honey export business of India contributes 30 % to the economy. Delhi is the top Honey exporter state of India. Delhi ships around 75% of the honey shipments in the global market. The other honey-producing states of India are Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. According to honey exports data, India is the home to 240 honey exporters. Here is a list of the top honey exporters of India.

Honey Exporters India Infographics

1. Kejriwal Bee Care India Private Limited

Kejriwal Honey exports are the top exporter of honey in India. The company is the pioneer of honey exports in India. Established in 1996, the group within a short period established its identity in the global market. Kejriwal honey exports supply honey to Europe, USA and the Middle East. The company makes use of ultra-modern facilities to produce the most excellent quality of honey. Honey by Kejriwal BeeCare is USFDA AND EIC approved.


  • Pollen
  • Bee wax
  • Honey Bar
  • Institutional Honey Drums
  • Pet honey bottles

Location: W-42, Block W, Greater Kailash II, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048

2. APIS India Limited

APIS India Limiteds an ISO certified company that excels the art of honey production. Established in 1924, the company has come a long way and has successfully created the identity of leading honey exporter. With its state-of-art facilities in Roorkee, the company produces around 100 tonnes of honey on an everyday basis. Apis India specialized in making flavoured honey which is loaded with the goodness of ginger, lemon and nuts.


  • Organic Honey
  • Flavoured Honey
  • Tea
  • Cookies
  • Pickles
  • Jams
  • Dates

Location: 18/32, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi 110 008 India

3. BRIJ Honey Private Limited

Brij Honey has been the certified exporter of organic honey and bee wax. The company has well-equipped honey processing units which produce excellent quality of honey. Over the years, the company has mixed various sources of flora to produce flavoursome honey. The company is a household name in India and also has found potential buyers in the USA, Europe and the Middle East.


  • Mustard Honey
  • Sunflower Honey
  • Lichee Honey


4. Allied Natural Product

 Allied Natural Product is known for producing organic raw honey. The company has years of experience in the honey export business. The company makes use of modern techniques to create natural honey. The honey produced by the company is loaded with antioxidants and has tremendous health benefits.


  • Organic Multi flower honey
  • Eucalyptus honey
  • Lychee honey
  • Mustard Honey
  • Organic forest honey
  • Acacia honey

Location: 131304, Sector 30, Sonipat, Haryana 131021

5. Dabur India Limited

 When it comes to Indian honey manufacturers, the first name to pop up in mind is Dabur honey. The company is India’s amongst India’s leading FMCG companies that aces in producing ayurvedic products. Dabur honey is amongst the purest and organic form of honey. It is also loading with immunity-boosting ayurvedic ingredients.


  • Dabur Honey
  • Rosewater
  • Hair oil
  • Juices
  • Toothpaste
  • Odomos

Location: Kaushambi Ghaziabad – 201010

So these are some of the leading honey exporters of India. Which is your most preferred honey brand? Share with us about your views in the comments below.

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