India is the worlds second-largest steel rod producer. The increased demand for Indian steel rods has given rise to the many steel rod manufacturers in India. The country is also accounted for as the second largest steel manufacturers in the world. Indian steel rods are known for their durability, lustre and strength. Apart from the steel manufacturing giants like Jindal steel, Tata steel, several other companies have also jumped into the production of steel rods. The Indian steel rod industry produces 111.2 million tonnes of steel rods annually. Ever since its foundation, the Indian steel rod industry has witnessed a surge.

How do we curate a list for the Best Rod Manufacturers?

When evaluating steel rod manufacturers, we prioritize factors such as product quality, consistency, and adherence to industry standards. 

Here are sources for identifying top steel rod manufacturers:

  1. Industry Trade Shows and Expos: Attendance at steel industry trade shows and expos provides opportunities to network with manufacturers, explore product offerings, and stay updated on industry trends.
  2. Online Supplier Directories: Utilization of online directories specializing in steel products to discover leading manufacturers, read reviews, and compare offerings.
  3. Industry Publications and Journals: Reading articles and publications in steel industry magazines and journals offers insights into leading manufacturers and industry developments.

India is also involved in the production of metal rods and alloy steel rods. The steel rods produced in Indi find its usage in the industrial processes. Steel rods are mostly used in the construction of homes, offices and buildings. The steel rods are also widely used in the energy sectors along with the construction business. India is involved in the production of alloy rods, stainless steel rods and wire rods. The Indian steel rods also find their usage in the Aviation, engineering and reinforcing concrete structures. The Indian steel rod industry is worth a whopping sum of $13.40 billion. Majority of the steel rod companies of India fall under the Steel Authority of India are accounted for as public sector companies. Below is a list of the top steel rod manufacturers of India.

1. Jay Jagdamba Limited

Jay Jagdamba is the most trusted and preferred supplier of value-added steel with world-class quality of products and services. The company is known for the production of high-grade steel rods. Jagdamba is committed to promoting integrated responsible behaviour and also provides sustainable development of the business. The company is the largest steel products manufacturers in India. The ISO certified company has a production capacity of 84000 million tons per year. The company is capable of producing steel solutions for a variety of industries.


  • Billets
  • Ingots
  • Rcs
  • Hot rolled black bars
  • Wire rods
  • Steel rods
  • Wire
  • Bright bars
  • Hex bars
  • Square bars
  • Threaded bars
  • PSG bar
  • Angle bars
  • Flat bars
  • Forged bars
  • Flanges

Location: Office No. 405, The Landmark, Plot No. 26A, Sector 07Kharghar, Navi Mumbai – 410 210, Raigad, Maharashtra, India

2. Aashish Steel

 Aashish Steel is an ISO certified company is the largest manufacturer of steel rods, steel bars and alloy products. The company is also involved in the export of steel products to Europe, Middle East, Far East and African Countries. The company works with the vision of providing high-grade products in the domestic and international market. The steel rods manufactured by the company are used in the refineries, chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, water treatment plant, power plants, off-shore, shipbuilding, EPC and other industries. Aashish steel has qualified and technically sound professionals who are involved in the manufacture of the products.


  • Steel Round Bars
  • Steel rods
  • Carbon Steel Round Bars
  • Alloy Steel Round Bars
  • Copper Nickel Round Bars
  • Monel Round Bars
  • Duplex Round Bars
  • Super Duplex Round Bars
  • Hastelloy Round Bars
  • Nickel Alloys Round Bars
  • 904L Round Bar & Rods
  • Inconel Round Bars
  • Alloy 20 Round Bars
  • 254 SMO Round Bars & Rods
  • AISI 4130, 4140, 4340, 1045, 8620 Steel round Bars
  • Titanium Round Bar

Location: 11, Chandra Bhavan,, 1st Parsiwada lane, Maharashtra, India.

3. Kamlesh Metal

Kamlesh Metal is the largest manufacturer, supplier and exporter of steel rods, steel round bars. The company is known for the manufacture of high-quality steel products at affordable prices. Kamlesh metal exports its products to the UAE, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Iran.


  • Steel rods
  • Steel round bars
  • Hexagon & Square Bright Bars

Location: Shop No. 2, 42/46, Guru Rajendra Bhavan, 5th Kumbharwada, Mumbai – 400 004. INDIA

4. Steel House India

Steel House India was established in 1992 and with time has become the leading manufacturers, traders, wholesalers and retailers of steel products. The company is known for the production of an economical range of high-grade steel rods. The products by the company are known for their superior strength, optimum performance and longer service life.


  • Steel rods
  • Steel round bars
  • Carbon steel round bars
  • Alloy steel round bars
  • Copper-nickel round bars
  • Monel round bars
  • Duplex steel round bars
  • Super duplex round bars
  • Nitronic alloy round bars

Location: 40, 1st Carpenter Street, Near Goldevel Temple, Mumbai-400004, Maharashtra, India

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