Tea is one of the most preferred beverages in India. The land of diversity has a majority population who begin their day with a cup of tea. India is the 4th largest exporter of tea in the world after China, Sri Lanka, and Kenya. The primary sources of tea production of the country are situated in Northeast India and North Bengal. The most popular tea exported by India is the Darjeeling tea, which cannot be grown in any other part of the world. India accounts to be the largest tea consuming country in the world. Three fourth of the country’s economy is made with the export of tea. 

How do we verify a list for the Best Tea Exporters in India?

When we seek out the top tea exporters, we rely on a variety of sources to ensure quality, flavor, and adherence to regulations:

  1. Tea Trade Shows and Expos: We explore new varieties and establish connections with exporters.
  2. Online Tea Supplier Platforms: We identify reputable exporters, review product offerings, and compare prices.
  3. Industry Publications and Journals: We stay updated on market trends and leading exporters in the tea industry.
  4. Certification Bodies: We verify compliance with tea quality standards and export regulations.
  5. Supplier Websites and Social Media: We gather insights into tea quality, packaging, and customer feedback.
Green Tea

Assam and West Bengal are considered to be the topmost tea producing estates of India. Iran is India’s most prominent tea export market. In the world’s tea production, India accounts for 27% of the output. India exports bulk amount black tea leaf nearly around 80% to the other countries. The second highest exporting variant of tea is fermented black tea. In the global tea market, India exports four variants of tea which are:

  • CTC
  • Orthodox Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Organic Tea

Apart from these four variants, India is also known for producing herbal tea, masala tea, and lemon tea. The flourishing tea export business of India witnesses the participation of 1000 tea suppliers. Amongst all the tea exporter companies, SSK exports are considered to be the largest shareholder in the tea market. SSK Expo

Tea Exporting Companies in India

rts alone takes away credit for 6% of India’s total tea export business. Apart from SSK experts, there are other companies that ace at the game of tea is exporting. Here is a list of some of the leading names in the tea export business of India.



1. SSK Exports Ltd.

SSK Exports has over 40 years of experience in the field of tea exportation. With its roots in Dehradun and based in Kolkata, SSK exports produce the most exceptional tea varieties in the world. The company merges its profound knowledge of tea with a modern production facility to provide the country’s best brew.


  • CTC
  • Orthodox Tea
  • Darjeeling Tea
  • Nilgiri Tea

Location: 37, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata – 700017, INDIA

2. Girnar Food & Beverage Pvt. Ltd

Girnar food & beverage has been into the business since 1978. The company, with their passion for excellence, create world-class teas for the customers. Girnar excels in the export of green tea. The company operates with the vision of providing excellent tea drinking experience to the customers. Girnar exports tea to around 48 countries globally.


  • Loose tea
  • Dip and Sip tea bags
  • Infusions in India
  • Ceylon
  • Coffee

 Location: 401, Centre Point Building, Dr B. R. Ambedkar Road, Opp. Bharatmata Cinema, Parel, Mumbai – 400012

3. Shah brothers

 Shah brothers have been leading exporters of Indian tea for the past 75 years. With its years of experience, the company has established a strong foothold in the national and international markets. The company exports tea to Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Middle East, Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The company is also known to be the supplier of tea for the defence forces around the world. The government of India has recognized the ISO certified company as a Double Star Export house.


  • Pure Assam Orthodox Tea
  • Pure Darjeeling Tea
  • Pure Nilgiri Tea
  • Pure Assam Dc Tea

Location: Shah House’, 1, Manook Lane, Kolkata – 700001, West Bengal, India

4. Swiss Singapore India Private Limited

Swiss Singapore India Private Limited is apart of Aditya Birla Group. The company, for over the past three decades, has been in the tea trade. Swiss Singapore is known for its unique, customized blend. The company makes use of its year of experience and modern techniques to create the perfect brew. The firm works with the vision of providing the world with a refined tea drinking experience.


  • Indian Tea
  • Ceylon Tea
  • Kenyan Tea
  • Vietnamese Tea
  • Indonesian Tea

 Location: Swiss Singapore India Private Limited, 16th Floor, Industry House, 10, Camac Street, Kolkata – 700 017

5. Asian Tea Company Private Limited

Headquartered in Kolkata, Asian tea is amongst the top tea exporters of India. The company exports the most excellent tea quality, which is produced in the major tea estates of the country. The firm exports tea to 40 countries of the globe.


  • Assam Tea
  • Nilgiri Tea
  • Darjeeling Tea

Location: Ist Floor, Gajraj Point, 209 A, A.J.C Bose Road, Kolkata – 700 017, India

 So these were some of the top tea exporters of India. Did you find the most appealing? Share with us about your favourite tea brand in the comments below.

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