The cascading lush long curls are enough to make your heart skip a beat. The sight of the gorgeous hairs of the celebrities makes the common public to yearn for them. Since ages, hair has been associated with beauty norms. A right hairstyle can uplift the charm of your look from ground level to seventh heaven. The obsession for the cascading locks has given rise to the hair extension industry as not everyone is blessed with naturally beautiful hairs. As much bizarre as it might seem but the hair export business is a booming industry in India. The hair industry of the country is priced at Rs 2000 crore and this is led by the top suppliers of Hair Extensions in India.

Suppliers of Hair Extensions

The primary export destinations of the Indian hair industry are America, Canada, and European countries. Annually, India exports around 2000 tonnes of hair in the states. India is also known to sell human hair to Rangoon and Africa to manufacture wigs and weaves. The factors taken into consideration for the manufacturing of wigs and hair extensions are length, thickness, colour, and place of origin. The hair extensions’ quality varies from Remy, which is unstrapped and uniformly lined high priced hair to Non-Remy, which is a lower quality and cheaper variety. For the making of hair extensions, the hair travels from the sources, which are temples, barbers shops, villages to hair collectors, and online auctions.

How do we evaluate the list of Best Hair Extension Suppliers?

When identifying the top hair extension suppliers of India, we rely on various sources to ensure quality, variety, and reliability:

  1. Hair Extension Trade Shows and Expos: We explore new trends and establish connections with suppliers in the hair extension industry.
  2. Industry Publications and Websites: We refer to industry publications and websites to stay informed about leading hair extension suppliers and emerging trends.
  3. Certification and Quality Standards: We verify adherence to quality standards and certifications within the hair extension industry.
  4. Social Media and Influencers: We gather insights from social media platforms and influencers who endorse or review hair extension products.
  5. Customer Feedback and Reviews: We analyze customer feedback and reviews to assess the reputation and reliability of hair extension suppliers.
Hair extension

The hair collectors then sell the hair to manufacturers and exporters who then clean, detangle and process to hair to craft it into final shipment product. Indian hair is not sought after for its premium quality and its thickness, dark, and wavy texture. The demand for virgin hair, which is the hair devoid of chemical-induced styling products brought from the rural sectors, is more than urban hairs. The holy hair which is donated at the temples is also auctioned off to the highest bidder. Having talked enough of the sources of hair, here is a list of the top hair extension suppliers of India.

1. A.K. Enterprises

A.K enterprise is an ISO certified company that specializes in the manufacturing of hair extensions and hair products. The company offers bleached hair extensions and double drawn extensions. A.K. enterprises are known for the manufacture of customized client-specific hairs. Over the years, the company has gained much acclaim for its supply of 100% natural human hair extensions. The company’s hair products are of uniform sizes and free from dust, dross, lice, and unwanted particles.


  • Indian virgin hair extensions
  • Rem single hair extensions
  • Clip-on extension
  • Machine weft extension
  • Pre-bonded hair extension

Location: Plot No.857, Pole No.57, KH No.487/36, near national market, Peera Garhi, Delhi 110087, India

2. Mithu Brothers

Established in 1965, Mithu brothers known for the manufacturing of uniform style and size of hair products. 

The company is known to supply hair products to leading names in the industry like M.B. Brothers, DHL, Godrej, Saijee Impex, and IROS. Mithu Brothers offer both synthetic and human hair. Mithu brothers have earned certificates from the Indian export organization for their products.


  • Five clips hair extensions
  • Wavy clip hair extensions
  • Curly clip hair extensions
  • Blonde clip hair extensions
  • Ombre clip hair extensions

Location: MithuBrothers Room no 1 Suggiramniwas Chawl, Near Vithal Mandir, Kokani Pada, Kurar Village Malad East, India.

3. Tyagi

Founded in 2003 in New Delhi, Tyagi is a leading manufacturer of hair extension and hair wigs. The main products of the company include natural Indian hair, virgin hair, and temple hair. Tyagi is known for the manufacturing of premium quality of washable hair extensions. The company sources its hair supplies from certified vendors.


  • Natural Indian hair extensions
  • Temple’s hair extensions
  • Human hair extensions
  • Bulk hair extensions

Location: A-84, 1st Floor, Sector 80, Phase 2, New Delhi 110056, India

4. Ganpati Hair

 Established I 2012, Ganpati hair is accounted for a leading name in the hair manufacturing industry. The company is famous for its natural virgin Remy hair extension and Cambodian hair extensions. Ganpati hair over the years has garnered much acclaim for its range of premium products.


  • Natural virgin Remy human hair extensions
  • Clip-on hair extensions
  • Human hair extensions
  • Cambodian hair extensions
  • Brazilian hair extensions
  • Mongolian hair extensions
  • Bulk human hair extensions
  • Clouser hair extensions

Location: D-60, 3rd Floor, Phase 1, Vijay Vihar Rohini, Sector 4, Delhi 110085, India

5. Salonlabs

Initially founded in Newyork, Salonlabs is an alliance by oncologists to provide hair wigs for cancer patients. The company owns 15,000 square foot factory in Bangalore. The hair extension products by the company are made from raw unprocessed Remy. The products by the company have earned global recognition and acclaim. Salonlabs also own a retail outlet in Ypsilanti, Michigan.


  • Clip-in hair extensions
  • Micro ring hair extensions
  • Ponytail hair extensions
  • Keratin fusion hair extension (I, U, V, and flat tips)
  • Tape-in hair extensions
  • Hand weft hair extensions

Location: No. 4 – 1/3, IOB building, Begur Main Road, Bommanahalli, Bangalore 560068, India

6. Luxury Indian Hair

 Established in 2010, the company lives up to its name and produces a luxurious range of hair extension products. The company specializes in the manufacturing of three different types of hair products, which are Remy temple hair, virgin Remy hair, and blonde hair. The blonde hair type can be customized in the choicest of color.


  • Tape hair extensions
  • Clip hair extensions
  • Fusion tip hair extensions
  • Remy temple hair extensions
  • Virgin Remy hair extensions
  • Colors and blondes hair extensions

Location: 313, Sreepur, Bagharghole A, Boral Main Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700103, India

7. Forever Hair

Established in 2017 in Delhi, Forever hair is a leading name in the hair industry. The company specializes in the manufacturing of hair wigs and hair extensions. Forever hair has an in-house design team, and quality inspection team, which ensures that the products delivered are of high grade. The premium quality of their products has earned them recognition in the national and international markets.


  • Virgin Remy double drawn hair extensions
  • Long human hair extensions
  • Funmi hair extensions
  • Indian Remy wavy hair extensions
  • Indian straight stemple hair extensions
  • Brazilian hair extensions

Location: C-9/18, Near Ghondli Chowk, Krishna Nagar, Delhi 110051, India

So these are some of the leading hair extension suppliers in India. Did you find the post informative? Share with us your views in the comments below.


1. What are hair extensions?
Hair extensions are methods of adding commercial hair to natural hair. These methods are used to conceal thinning or hair loss in concentrated areas and add volume and length for aesthetic purposes.

How are hair extensions attached?
There are many different methods of attaching the extension hair ranging from fusion-sewing, braiding, gluing, heat clamps, tapes, micro-rings, and they can even be clipped in. 

2. Where does Indian hair come from?

The hair comes from people who donate their hair in the name of prayer. In India, it is very common for people to sacrifice their hair in return for prayers that have been answered by God. The temples in India will cut the hair from the willing devotees, and then auction the hair off to distributors. The proceeds from the auctions will be returned back into the community in various charitable forms.

3. Why is Indian hair so special?

Indian hair is highly regarded in the hair industry because of its flexibility, durability, and texture. Indian hair is naturally thick and lustrous, giving the best possible styling and installation options for extensions. The hair is also naturally dark, so it works great with most braiding and weaving applications for women of color.

4. Is Remy or human hair better?

Remy’s hair is considered the finest quality of human hair since the cuticles are kept intact, unlike most other non-Remy hair extensions. … In contrast, Remy’s human hair is collected through a method in which the hair strands are completely aligned in the natural direction as it grew.

5. What is the difference between Virgin and Remy hair?

Virgin hair refers to hair that is completely unprocessed and intact. … Remy hair is achieved when the cuticles are still intact and not stripped, and most importantly, it’s bundled so that the cuticle lays in the same direction from the time the hair is cut from the donor.

6. What do the terms “bulk” and “wefted” mean?

Bulk hair – Bulk hair is loose hair used for braiding and many other hair extension styles. Wefted hair – Wefting is the process of sewing the hair strands across in one straight line. Weft hair is used for weaving.

7. How Long Will Hair Extensions Last?

If you choose to attach high-quality pre-bonded extensions. You should expect them to last from 4 to 6 months. This will depend on how fast your hair grows and give proper care and attention to them.

Should you choose instead to have tape-in extensions expect a 4 to 6 week run before returning to the salon for professional maintenance. Where the tapes will be gently taken out and then re-applied.

8. What is the most common length that people buy when purchasing hair extensions?

When buying hair extensions for length versus for hair volume, there are standard lengths. The hair extension lengths may vary according to the manufacturer, the country they are imported from, whether they are 100% human hair, mixed human and synthetic, or 100% synthetic.

As a result of the many variables involved with hair extensions, there is not really a most common length people buy when purchasing them.

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