Neem is one of the most useful plants and is recognized worldwide as the native tree of India. Neem is a wonder tree that is known for its unique pest control properties and Neem product Exporters have been growing in India. Be it seeds, kernel, leaves, branches, or roots, every part of the neem plant is useful for humanity. The neem plant is known for killing pests and is famous for its skin benefitting ability. Since ancient times neem due to its medicinal benefits, it is used to treat a plethora of diseases. The usefulness of the magic plant made Indian the top manufacturer of neem products. Today there are several neem product exporters in India. The neem essentials, when combines with certain chemicals, help in the manufacturing of several beauty products.

Exporters of Neem Products India

Making use of the wonder tree, Indian manufacturers ventured into the making of neem products. Right from neem oil to neem facewash, a wide range of products are neem products that are now available in the market.

How do we evaluate the list of Best Neem Product Exporters?

When evaluating neem exporters, it’s essential to consider factors like product quality, sustainability, and adherence to agricultural standards. Neem products have diverse applications in agriculture, healthcare, and cosmetics, requiring exporters to meet stringent quality requirements.

Here are sources for identifying top neem exporters:

  1. International Trade Shows and Expos: Participation in agricultural and natural products expos allows networking with exporters and exploration of product offerings.
  2. Online Supplier Directories: Utilization of online directories specializing in natural products to discover leading exporters, read reviews, and compare offerings.
  3. Industry Publications and Journals: Reading articles and publications in agricultural and natural products magazines offers insights into leading exporters and industry developments.

The Indian neem product industry is a booming sector and is known to contribute around 20% to the economy. The top export destinations for Indian neem products are China, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, U.S.A., Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Africa. Here is a list of the top neem product exporters in India.

Neem leaves

1. Seair Exim Solutions

Seair Exim solutions are known to the top supplier of 100% genuine neem products. The company is famous for the export of high-grade neem oil. Seair Exim solutions every year is known to export around 90o types of neem products around the globe. The primary export destinations for the company’s neem products are Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Maldives, Oman, Estonia, U.S.A., U.K, Canada, Kenya, China, and Brazil. Seair Exim solutions were established in 2009, and ever since then, with their hard work have earned global fame for being the leading name in the neem product export business.


  • Neem Oil
  • Neem facewash
  • Neem face pack
  • Neem soap
  • Neem shampoo
  • Neem conditioner

Location: B-1/E-3,2nd Floor, Mohan Cooperative Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi110044, India

2. The Indian Neem Tree Company

The Indian Neem Tree Company is a leading manufacturer of world-class neem tree products. The company is a leading name in the neem export business and is known to export the products to 3 countries worldwide. The Indian Neem Tree Company is famous for its consistent quality of products. With over eight years of experience, the company has built the identity of being leading neem product exporters in India and the world. Every year the company exports from1 U.S. gallon to 20 ft containers of neem products around the world. For the manufacturing of the products, the company uses raw materials and makes suitable changes in them. Their products have minute usage of chemicals, which helps in keeping the natural properties of neem intact.


  • Neem oil
  • Neem leaf powder
  • Neem seed powder
  • Neem extract
  • Neem flowers
  • Neem essential oil

Location: 23, Anuradha Society, Old Nagardas Road, Andheri(E), Mumbai-400069, India

3. Prithvi Exports

Prithvi exporters are accounted as a leading and dependable neem products supplier in India. The company works to preserve and improve environmental conditions. Over the years, the company has garnered a distinct stature for the manufacturing of optimum quality of products that are in line with international standards.


  • Pure Neem Oil
  • Neem Seeds
  • Neem Kernel
  • Azadirachtin( Technical)
  • Neem seed Powder
  • Neem cake Powder or flakes
  • Neem leaf powder
  • Neem Bio Pesticides

Location: A-3/29, Vrindavan Dongre Park Society, Near R.C.F. Colony, Chembur Mumbai-400074

4. V2 exports

V2 exports is a top exporter of neem products in India. The company is known for the manufacturing of high-quality neem oil. V2 exports excel in the production of cold press neem oil used in the pharmaceutical, agriculture, toiletry, and cosmetic industries. The company works with the vision of providing high-quality neem products around the world. To maintain the high quality of the products, the company sources the raw materials from authorized and trusted vendors. Client satisfaction, premium quality of products, and on-time delivery of products are the company’s primary concern.


  • Neem Powder
  • Neem oil
  • Neem seeds
  • Neem cake
  • Neem Tonic
  • Moringa oil

Location: V2 in Exports. 302, Circle Thottam Bypass Road, kondalampatty, Salem. Tamil Nadu – 636010, India.

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