LED is the future of the lighting industry, which is a booming sector of the market. LEDs are known to be a cost-effective and energy-efficient form of lighting. In the last two years, the lED industry with the rising awareness of environmental production has seen a surge in its sales. The Indian government has taken the initiative to replace the traditional lighting system with LED bulbs and street light. For the replacement of the lights with the energy-efficient LED, the government has launched the UJALA Scheme. According to the analytics report of the UJALA scheme, the LED industry has sold around 41.44 Cr LEDs over the last year. Thus, there have been some top LED manufacturers coming up in India.

How do we curate the list of Best LED Manufacturers?

When we search for top LED manufacturers, we rely on various sources to ensure quality, innovation, and compliance:

  1. LED Trade Shows and Expos: We explore new technologies and establish connections with manufacturers.
  2. Online LED Supplier Platforms: We identify reputable manufacturers, review product offerings, and compare specifications.
  3. Industry Publications and Journals: We stay informed about market trends and advancements in LED technology.
  4. Certification Bodies: We verify adherence to quality standards and regulatory requirements.
  5. Supplier Websites and Social Media: We gather insights into product range, performance, and customer feedback.
  6. Industry Associations and Forums: We engage with LED industry associations to access industry reports, participate in discussions, and collaborate with other stakeholders.
Led light bulb

The Make in India initiative of the government has given the LED manufacturing industries of India a boost. The government’s effort has made the LED industry a leading contributor in the Indian economy. Earlier, the LEDs were imported from other countries, but with the rise of the Indian LED manufacturing industry, the import business saw a downfall. Now India is seen as a leading name in the global LED export market. With the increasing demand for LEDs and booming of the industry-leading names in the electronic market has jumped in the race of manufacture of LEDs. Companies like Philips, Havells Wipro, Crompton, and Bajaj are now leading names in LEDs’ production. So here is a list of the leading LED manufacturers of India.

Manufacturers of LED India

1. Philips

When it comes to LED manufacturers, Philips tops the list. The acing company is involved in the production of LED lights of a variety of shapes and sizes. The lights produced by the company are known to consume 80% less electricity and energy than conventional bulbs. Philips LEDs are famous for their consistent quality and long-lasting ability.


SceneSwitch Bulb

warm glow light

Decorative Classic light

Mainstream LED

Warm White light

Location: Signify Innovations India Limited (Formerly ‘Philips Lighting India Limited’)​, 9th Floor, DLF 9-B, DLF Cyber City, Sector 25, DLF Phase – 3, Gurgaon – 122002, India

2. Havells

Since long, Havells has been accounted for as a leading name in the electronic manufacturing industry. Sprucing up their game, the game has jumped up in the manufacturing of LED lights as well. Havells is involved in the production of a wide range of efficient lighting solutions. The user friendly, and affordable lighting products of Havells has made it a household name. The premium quality of their products has caused them to earn global recognition in the international market.


LED Recess Panels

LED Surface panels

LED spotlight

LED lamps


LED lamps


Portable lighting

Home Art Light

LED strips

Led battens

Location: QRG Towers, 2D, Sec- 126, Expressway, Noida – 201304 UP ( India)


Syska is an LED manufacturing company the provides products that are a blend of brilliance and innovation. Established in 1989, the SSK works to get perfection in the manufacturing of their products. SYSKA Led offers a wide range of international quality LIED lighting solutions. The products by the company are used for commercial, residential, and industrial purposes. 75% of the products manufactured by the company are used in the Indian market, and the rest is exported in the global market.


  • Led lights
  • Smart Light
  • LED bulbs
  • LED canopy light
  • Lounge light

Location: Syska House, Plot No. 89, 90, 91, Lane No. 4, Sr. No. 232/1/2, Sakore Nagar, Off Airport Road, Lohegaon, Pune 411014


Wipro is a leading name in the LED manufacturing business of India. The company’s LEDs are designed to enhance the mood and personality of the space. Built with superior engineering, the LEDs by the company are made to last longer. The unparalleled performance of Wipro Lights has caused them to be accounted for as a leading name in the led manufacturing industry of India. The company has been into the business since 1945, wherein in the initial phase were into the manufacturing of vegetable and refined il under the trade name of Sunflower. Gradually the company leveled up its game with the production of lighting and LEDs. The 40 years of experience has made the company to understand the demands of society and provide products that are user friendly.


  • LED Smart Panel
  • LED Batten
  • LED Smart bulb
  • LED Spotlights
  • LED downlight
  • LED Decoratives
  • LED table lamps
  • LED Emergency light
  •  LED flat panels
  • LED Outdoor light
  • Garnet led bulbs
  • CFLs

Location: Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, C Block, 2nd Floor, Doddakannelli, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore-560035

5. Bajaj Electricals Limited

Bajaj Electricals Limited is a part of one of the biggest Industrial Giants of India – Bajaj Group. Bajaj Electricals business is spread across – Consumer Products (Appliances, Fans, Lighting), Exports, and EPC (Illumination, Transmission Towers, and Power Distribution). The company has set over a wide range of branch offices and customer care centers all across the country. LED products have been manufactured on a very large scale all over India. Bajaj electricals seem to give tough competition to their competitors in the domestic as well as global market. Maintaining integrity with their customers, dealers and partners has brought them great recognition around.


  • Led lights
  • Smart Light
  • LED bulbs
  • LED canopy light

Location – Rustomjee Aspire, 6th Floor, Bhanu Shankar Yagnik Marg, Sion East, Mumbai- 400022

So these are a few Led manufacturers of India. Did you find the post useful? Share with us your views in the comments below.

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